Wine Fight Gallery

The Wine Fight is an occasion to drink, party and meet plenty of like-minded people visiting Haro with the same wine-fuelled objectives. You’ll be participating to a cultural event which is, whatever one might say, a good thing if you’re visiting Spain. The Wine Fight should sit high on anyones ‘must do’ list whilst in this beautiful, fruity land. Want to see what the San Vino Wine Fight looks like? Take a look through the Wine Fight gallery below…


San Vino 2015 WUoZKpa3cRpnWEjgjqsUB6E1n1AYCeeCKZ3CbQ4m4ts,jme-Bshyvdlc7mPDdpHXOVy3jLsoJIQZj47Dlwr4x5Y San Vino 2015
La Batalla Wine Fight 2015 w-2q-7g26cD7iiVs_WP9PYosBbgqvZqx9kyIYcYCjfQ La Batalla Wine Fight 2015
Haro Wine Fight 2015 UVSiR2B_RBGblYPFvxNIU0ThN2pUJg6zo5oSmBFwkBs Haro Wine Fight 2015
The Wine Fight San Vino 2015 syA_wKaj2TkxQtdmjeA9uEk3EFujjqJ-KcZc9zSz0_U The Wine Fight San Vino 2015
Wine Party QHPu-JFii1Hty3yaUWnLmknMBS9sqZuny-YDHK4z3YQ Wine Party
Stoke Event San Vino 2015 PUxf0W1TaTYHAUicTkbFCnQUtWd7ZJtXoaD_Cwup7fg Stoke Event San Vino 2015
Wine Fight Splash n0WETfGK18hLIfTfC6AZPc-qhVkhWcFu4710MLHrCsM Wine Fight Splash
San Vino Wine Fight lZCTEk23x2_r-L0gJliZq3XI-poBK_qTdusOi5Mjqa4 San Vino Wine Fight
Vino Tinto kl411NRiI0SFIbJy56J-JlmI6SulwPPFAtRRKDW74Dk Vino Tinto
San Vino Campsite 2015 jMjLa2I81RfnVNPDelKKEad0R9qtWXWS9GuKWnBGAZU San Vino Campsite 2015
Purple rain IY1LyWwNTOD3tPi7caHoGcZarr_3Fg1g-OMEWprmPRI Purple rain
Wine Fight 2015 IVR4mcNH100Ttx8kKpMwCYSnXROQO74Js9npJTgVQbs Wine Fight 2015
Stoke Wine Party Iq8YDHF3OG1PhsA1WwxNt9vSF0iZzmb9y0V0_SXPieU Stoke Wine Party
Campsite Swimming Pool HPenh9BoO8nDdKy2V3CFNTSLvTjFIKRLuP3YE-3KUnA Campsite Swimming Pool
Campsite GNl0FMWQtef3WsaHCdNRB7u8lSivB5E94KTuroPVhPs Campsite
Wine Fight GL8ogeD65wAYGnATmXdqnLOhwjvEMwssZNoBPFl9als Wine Fight
Haro Wine Fighting -frUUZAgbKuR98LnKWP7_XRGMbCKSInkjKFe4duVY9w Haro Wine Fighting
Vino Tinto in Haro FdAOj-bWT9CSDUScjkjXHMCTtBUxwBhgwQyUs37DiWY Vino Tinto in Haro
Wine Fight 2015 cb8zDCaVyaw3VjU2AuQg3zfpesbSLFZSARLlaScezi4 Wine Fight 2015
Haro Campsite 2015 0g3vHEQ98eHlBUXH8rRmoNakqOTRHc1_Z-vzvTvTAGM Haro Campsite 2015
Campsite chillout IMG_7057 Campsite chillout
Unlimited Beer and Sangria IMG_7051 Unlimited Beer and Sangria
New Friends in Haro IMG_7035 New Friends in Haro
Campsite IMG_6933 Campsite
Campsite dress up for the Fight IMG_6826 Campsite dress up for the Fight
Chillout area at the Campsite IMG_6824 Chillout area at the Campsite
Relaxing at Haro Campsite IMG_6759 Relaxing at Haro Campsite
Happy people IMG_6706 Happy people
Campsite games IMG_6696 Campsite games
Welcoming funnel IMG_6667 Welcoming funnel


As this is a famous Spanish tradition there are plenty of photo opportunities. There are usually professional photographers on hand at Batalla del Vino en Haro, but we suggest that you bring your own camera to ensure you have action shots. With the amount of wine that does get thrown, we highly recommend brigning a waterproof camera.

To book tickets to The Wine Fight, click the link below.